Estate Planning

Simple Will – For the vast majority of people all that is needed is a simple will which provides who the court should appoint as their personal representative, how the debts will be paid and provide for distribution of their remaining estate.  If a child is involved, a will should contain a simple trust to manage the child’s money until a suitable age.

 There is a need for a variety of documents during life to evidence your intent if you are unable to effectively communicate, such as:

               A.   Having a Durable Power of Attorney for financial matters   is very important to prevent a Guardianship to pay your bills and other such matters if you are incapacitated.
               B.   A Health Care Power of Attorney is recommended if you are concerned that you will need someone of your choosing to direct your health care in your incapacity.  This document is often times the enforcement tool for the Directive to Physicians.
               C.   Directive to Physicians (Living Will).  This document tells your health care providers of your desire concerning end of life procedures. 


Business Law

-  Business entity formation

-  Corporate governance

- Contracts and forms

-  Regulatory advising (federal and state)

-  Employer/Employee relations

-  Sale and purchase of business

-  Commercial litigation

-  Collections

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